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Tour A

Tour of Historic Sites in Anping

Anping abounds with historic sites – the Anping Fort, Eternal Golden Castle, and Anping Tree House are a few of its major attractions. Other points of interest include the Old Julius Mannich Merchant House, Haishan Hostel, Tait & Co. Merchant House, and the Anping Minor Artillery Fort. These historical sites reflect the history and architectural styles of the Dutch occupation, Cheng Cheng-Kung (Koxinga) period, Qing administration, and Japanese colonial era, and represent more than 300 years of Taiwan’s history.

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Tour B

National Museum of Taiwan History (NMTH)

The National Museum of Taiwan History is dedicated to preserving Taiwan's historical and cultural heritage and presenting our collections to the public. The result of many years of preparation, NMTH opened in 2011 and currently has more than 70,000 artifacts. The staff of NMTH has been researching, exhibiting, publishing, and digitalizing our rich resources, which represent the Aboriginal, Dutch, Spanish, Chinese, British, and Japanese influences on the history and culture of Taiwan.
(Source and more information: http://www.nmth.gov.tw)

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